Inside Horto4, there are four independent, individually programmable shelves to guarantee the ideal conditions for the simultaneous growth of crops with different needs.

For each crop, the greenhouse ensures the ideal microclimate at all times: it recreates the natural cycle of day and night, provides the right amount of water and nutrients, and maintains the optimum humidity and temperature for their growth.

Horto4 allows you to grow beansproutsherbs and vegetables of the highest quality at any time of the year. It is fully automatic and very easy to use. Just insert the pods with natural seeds, add the water with the nutrients and select the crop from the display.

In a short time, from a few days to a few weeks, the vegetables will be ready to be harvested.

Horto4 respects the environment because insecticides, fungicides and herbicides are not used, and the amount of water required is up to 90% less than traditional cultivation techniques. Installation is very simple: simply connect the machine to a standard power socket without the need for connection to the water system.

Thanks to its subtle design, it lends itself perfectly to being positioned in the living room, or recessed between the columns of the kitchen. But it is excellent for restaurateurs and can also be placed in the restaurant dining room, an aid to communicate to customers the quality and refinement of the ingredients.

  • Dimensions: 64 x 60 x 200 cm
  • Pods per layer: 81
  • Total cultivable pods: 324

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